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this moment

this moment a bright sliver of the moon hangs over the dark shadowy mountains of the valley of the moon i stand stone still watching the first glimmers of dawn the quarter moon so bright it almost looks full the valley below so silent like the beginning of time no busy minds…no cars… only the […]

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Early Morning in Ojai

I head out in the darkto catch the magic moment —the crack of dawn My dog runs aheadher exuberance, her ecstasyis contagious I look Westand the full moonis hanging high in the skyby an etheric thread I look Eastand the dark sky begins to blazefrom the hidden sun My big booted feettake strong, giant stepsThe […]

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Ojai is still a place that uplifts the spirit

January, 2000 On New Year’s Day I sat high up on a rock in the East End, overlooking the whole valley. Here I could immerse myself in the spectacular view of the majestic mountains, orange and avocado groves, and relax in the profound peace and stillness that still pervades this part of the valley. In […]

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