About the Ojai Valley

Surrounded by majestic mountains, the Ojai Valley, located between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara in Southern California, is one of the most beautiful and sacred places on earth.

Ojai is located about 14 miles inland from Ventura, California (about a 30-minute drive or one-hour biycle ride from the ocean). It is legendary for its reknowned healing properties, dedication to the arts, unique small-town charm and bountiful harvests of citrus and avocados.

The name Ojai (pronounced Oh-hi) came from the name of the Chumash Indian village, Awhai—pronounced aw-ha—ee. It has long been thought that Ojai means nest in the Chumash language since the Ojai Valley is ringed by mountain ranges. Others say that Ojai means moon, or “valley of the moon.”

The Ojai Valley was immortalized as the mythical Shangri-La in the film Lost Horizon, which was filmed in Ojai in 1937. Today Ojai is sometimes referred to as “California’s Shangri-La.” The peaceful setting, sacred beauty and tranquility of Ojai has always attracted nature lovers, healers, artists, writers, yogis and other spiritual seekers.
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