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Suza’s book reviews and articles are featured in LA Yoga magazine, Yoga Journal, Yoga Vidya, and other publications.
Yoga Samachar – Spring/Summer 2009
Iyengar: The Yoga Master
Edited by: Kofi Busia

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Suza’s Blog: Yoga for Healthy Bones
Suza’s column, ELDR Yoga, is featured in ELDR magazine and

ELDR’s mission is to help baby boomers and their aging parents deal with the challenges and opportunities of aging by providing the most useful, thought-provoking and trusted information available anywhere.

SolutionsYoga Solutions for Healthy Aging
Yoga postures promote healthy aging by lengthening the spine, opening our posture and moving each joint in the body through its full range of movement.

Props_Why Use Yoga Props?
Think you’re too old or stiff for downward dog? Not with the use of blocks, bolsters, and other handy aids. Here’s why you should learn the ropes.

DownwardDogHealthy Aging Master Pose: Downward Facing Dog
Eliminate stiffness, develop spinal agility, and slow down some signs of aging.

HealthyHeartThe Yoga Prescription for a Healthy Heart
Exercise that opens up the chest, improves posture and blood flow, and gives your heart a break

BonesBuild Strong Bones With Yoga
Want to stay healthy and independent well into old age? Yoga can help keep your bones in good shape for a lifetime.

Safe Yoga for Osteoporosis
If you have osteoporosis, read up on these guidelines before taking a yoga class.

YogaPose1Yoga, the Antidote for Arthritis
Yoga standing poses safely increase range of motion in all the joints.

SeatedPoseYoga for Arthritis: Guidelines and Cautions
If you have arthritis, yoga could be just what the doctor ordered. Have a seat and learn how yoga can help relieve pain and improve your flexibility.

Seven Essential Poses for Crossing the Menopausal Bridge (PDF, 487 kb)
by Suza Francina, published in Yoga 4 EveryBody Magazine
Yoga for People at Midlife and Older – Tips for Teachers
by Suza Francina, published on

An article about my mother’s recovery from a fall: