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Five Essential Books to Read Before You Turn 50

Book Review: A natural prescription for baby boomers, The New Yoga for Healthy Aging

Book review by Irene Alleger, Townsend Letter: The Examiner of Alternative Medicine November, 2007.

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Life in Ojai, Autobiography of a Yogini

Suza’s Writing Yoga Blog:

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(1972–1974) My first teacher, Sarah Kirton, who asked me to teach her class at The Gables of Ojai. This photograph was taken in Upper Ojai, at a place called “High Winds,” near the land that later became the Ojai Foundation.
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PRESS RELEASE: The New Yoga for Healthy Aging:
Living Longer, Living Stronger and Loving Every Day

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“Yoga philosophy teaches that the years after midlife are an ideal time for psychological and spiritual growth. I’ve written this book for those who reject the notion that aging is an inevitable process of decline and who wish to explore yoga’s ascending path to physical and spiritual transformation.” – Suza Francina, author, The New Yoga for Healthy Aging
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Suza Francina frequently appears on radio, television and is quoted in print publications worldwide.
American Fitness magazine, April 2015

Yoga Teacher Magazine Book Review

Are Seniors the Vanguard of American Yoga?
It’s one of the paradoxes of today’s youth- and beauty-obsessed yoga culture that one of the oldest and most established yoga styles has become one of the least known: Iyengar Yoga, named for its legendary founder B.K.S. Iyengar, isn’t complicated or exotic. Its practitioners aren’t likely to burn incense or to chant Sanskrit prayers in class. Known for its heavy reliance on props, including ropes and blocks, to ease practitioners in and out of the more difficult yoga poses, the practice is decidedly non-competitive. It’s also distinctly unglamorous. You won’t see many Iyengar teachers featured in a Lululemon clothing ad, or asked to participate in a sexy magazine photo shoot. For one thing, the practitioner could well be in her 70s.

Which is why Suza Francina’s wonderful book, The New Yoga for Healthy Aging, is such a welcome addition to the sprawling American literature on yoga. Francina, author of three previous best-selling books and one of the original founders of the industry trade magazine Yoga Journal, isn’t a yoga pop celebrity like Tara Stiles or a Shiva Rea, and she’s far less well known than other prominent Iyengar teachers like Judith Lasater and John Schumacher. And she seems to like it that way. Now in her early 60s, she’s been practicing yoga since 1972, and almost from the start, as a fresh-faced 22-year old “hippie chick” living in California, she’s been drawn to working with seniors. It’s clearly given her a grounded humble insight into what yoga can do to heal and rejuvenate the human body and spirit, and has kept her focused on the practice’s simple unadorned truths, free of the esoteric jargon and new Age pop-philosophizing that can be off-putting to yoga outsiders and newbies.

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Suza’s Yoga Articles and Book Reviews

Suza’s reviews are featured in LA Yoga magazine, Yoga Journal, Yoga Vidya, and other publications.
Yoga Samachar – Spring/Summer 2009
Iyengar: The Yoga Master
Edited by: Kofi Busia


For articles about other topics: Suza’s Writings

Suza’s Blog: Yoga for Healthy Bones
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Suza Francina is an expert on yoga and aging. Read on for an interview with Suza’s publisher, HCI Books on yoga and menopause and her new book on healthy aging.

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